Sunday, May 18, 2008

Road Trip Goals!

In June Trin and I will be headed to Yellowstone National Park from Pennsylvania.

  • This will complete one bucket goal, actually visiting this wonder of nature!
  • On our way I'll be getting closer to another bucket goal of visiting every state in the lower 48 (three left after this summer!).
  • Along the way we will be stopping to bike a few trails. Our 2008 summer goal is to bike 2,000 miles!
We are planning the route with AAA TripTiks (thank you Steve Butler!), waypointing all the things along the way that look interesting.

Trin is the research specialist. He found a bike rack that is stable enough for the long trip, will allow us to access the trunk and is still easy enough to load and unload the bikes. He is currently modifying it, drilling a few holes and adding padlocks various places, for security.

I've already started to pack!

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Bonnie said...

Forget using AAA TripTik's - they will suddenly loose all your info with no warning. Thankfully we had a backup of our trip information!