Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Island, Orient Point

Sunday we rode the ferry out to Shelter Island. It was scenic, the traffic was low, and the people were very friendly.
On our way back to Sag Harbor we jumped in the ocean to cool off.

Sunday night we decided to stay at the Silver Sands Motel, right on the beach, beautiful and relaxing. The next morning we road out to Orient point. On our way we stopped at a deli to buy lunch. For some reason I have been craving Turkey sandwiches this year. Since Trin is more coordinated on the bike, and pretty much on anything, he carried our lunch, in a spectacular display of one-handed riding, out to the beach at the end of Orient Point.

It was very hot again so we stopped at Goldsmith Inlet for a quick swim. The water felt great so we swam to the other side. As we approached the far shore, ouch, ouCH, OUCH! We swam up on shore and got out, then looked back to see a bunch of little jellyfish. We were glad to be out of the water, but now we needed to swim back. We waited for a break in the line of Jellyfish, jumped in and swam back as fast as we could.

We ended our long weekend sitting on lawn chairs on the beach, listening to the waves lap the shore, enjoying the breeze.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Officers Flashlight

We parked at Hither Hills state park and biked out to the Montauk Light house today, winding around all the roads on the north side of the fork. The weather was perfect.

Since the campgrounds were full we decided to stay in our car overnight. Around 10Pm a security guard came by, shined his light on Trin, and then came over to my side and told us we couldn't park there overnight. We went further down the road and found a church with a huge parking lot. We parked in the far corner and set our alarm for 6AM wanting to be out of there before anyone arrived for church the next morning. Around 4:30AM a police officer came around. He pointed his flashlight on Trin, then came over to my side to let us know we had to leave. He was very nice, and I wasn't sure how to answer the question "where are you staying?" so I told the truth, "here." He smiled and told us about a park just down the road that would be private and we wouldn't be bothered there. We ended up just driving to Sag Harbor to start our biking early.

Later at the beach a little girl was merrily running down a ramp, but stopped short when she saw Trin. She cowered to the side till her mom came to get her. Now our joke is that Trin is scary! Both officers came over to talk to me after taking one look at him, and a little girl cowers at the sight of him!! LOL! Now does this look like a scary face?

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Biking NYC

Since I had to be in New York City for business this week, why not take advantage of the bike routes!

We rode from SkyTown down around Battery Park, then up to Central Park.
The Central Park loop was especially fun. The road was closed to vehicles and pedestrians stayed on the side of the road. This left it wide open for the bikes! We could race around the park, and there were plenty of other bikers to give us incentives to push harder.

Three and a half weeks after the mishap on Mt. Washburn I can finally breathe without pain and get through most of our rides with very little pain. Most importantly I feel like I'm getting my confidence back.