Monday, July 21, 2008

Long Island, Orient Point

Sunday we rode the ferry out to Shelter Island. It was scenic, the traffic was low, and the people were very friendly.
On our way back to Sag Harbor we jumped in the ocean to cool off.

Sunday night we decided to stay at the Silver Sands Motel, right on the beach, beautiful and relaxing. The next morning we road out to Orient point. On our way we stopped at a deli to buy lunch. For some reason I have been craving Turkey sandwiches this year. Since Trin is more coordinated on the bike, and pretty much on anything, he carried our lunch, in a spectacular display of one-handed riding, out to the beach at the end of Orient Point.

It was very hot again so we stopped at Goldsmith Inlet for a quick swim. The water felt great so we swam to the other side. As we approached the far shore, ouch, ouCH, OUCH! We swam up on shore and got out, then looked back to see a bunch of little jellyfish. We were glad to be out of the water, but now we needed to swim back. We waited for a break in the line of Jellyfish, jumped in and swam back as fast as we could.

We ended our long weekend sitting on lawn chairs on the beach, listening to the waves lap the shore, enjoying the breeze.

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