Thursday, August 21, 2008

Peace by the Lake

Day 3:
Sunday morning, we headed out early. Our neighbor on the left, evidently noticing our bikes for the first time watched us pack up and seemed intrigued. He never said anything but seemed to enjoy watching, maybe remembering trips he had taken when he was young. To our right a boy emerged from a camper with his dog. He proceeded across the road to the lake looking for his raft. When he didn’t find it he proceeded to throw a fit, screaming at the world flaying his arms. His neglected dog then ran out into the road and nearly got hit, when the car slowed down the boy ran across the road as well. Trin said “Prime Time television.” The boy then called his dog stupid, Trin whispered, “nope, its not the dog” We looked at the neighbor to the left and we all rolled our eyes.

Today our destination was Champlain Adult Campground. When Trin first told me he booked a night at Adult camp I was a little concerned and asked what we would be expected to do there. I soon found out that “Adult camp” meant a camp ground only for Adults, no kids (no flailing kids) allowed. This would make a great mid-way stop, and hopefully a great night of sleep with little noise. Don’t get me wrong I like kids, and like this morning they can be very entertaining, but this would be a night off.

Sunday was supposed to be the shortest ride of our trip. After getting our camp site we decided to head out to the local store to get food for our next few meals. The friendly Frenchman who owned the camp directed us to a store “1 mile down the road.” Five miles later we found it, so we still ended up riding 50 miles just like the past two days.

The camp site was perfect, secluded and right next to the lake. We set up camp and went for a nice long swim in Lake Champlain. Our tent rested at the crest of a rock cliff and high winds drove the waves hard all night. So much for "quiet", but we really enjoyed the site; it was a great chance to relax.

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