Monday, September 8, 2008

Steroid Happy!

My rotator cuff has been bothering me since the mishap on Mt Washburn. So today my doctor gave my shoulder a steroid shot. I've never had any type of steroid before. I wasn't aware of any of the side effects (except big muscles).

I got back to work and just started smiling. I wanted to skip - and on a Monday! Since normally Monday's are just so so I found this odd. So I googled "steroid happy" and found that steroid users are often happy while using.

I hope to not need another shot for a very long time - never would be fine with me, but I might as well enjoy this one.

These are the things that crossed my mind on the way back to work, my favorite things.
  • A good downhill tuck
  • Trinity singing in the shower
  • Starting down a technical hill scared shitless, realizing I could make it halfway down, and whooping at the end if I'm still on the bike with no injuries
  • Exploring nature on a bike far from civilization
  • Finding a way to cut the time of a process in half
  • Drinking with my friends
  • Finding new features in Excel - actually anything in Excel
  • New cool widgets get me excited
  • Talking to my sister
  • Saturday mornings
  • Seeing new places
Oh so many more things. Next Monday when I have a normal humdrum Monday I'll read this again. Maybe it will bring the smile back.

1 comment:

Tina Stephens said...

Talking to your sister? Aahhhhh! I feel the same way sis. By the way, my fertility drugs had steroids in them. They made me a little too happy-like crazy happy.