Saturday, June 27, 2009

Moose encounters

Wednesday, June 24th

Wednesday we arrived in Millinocket and checked into the Econo lodge. It was a great place to wash a few soggy clothes and dry out some of our gear.

In the morning we rode our bike from Millinocket up to Baxter State Park. The ride was great with nice rolling hills and beautiful scenery. Our original plan was to spend one day in Baxter State Park, then head to the White Mountains in NH. After talking to the park ranger however we decided there were too many things we wanted to check out in this park so we decided to give it another two days.

Wednesday evening we drove back up to the park and hiked up South Turner Mountain. On our way into the woods we stopped at Grassy Lake Pond. Trin noticed that the "huge rock" in the middle of the pond seemed to be moving. We watched for quite some time before a Moose head poped up out of the water and stood there chewing. We were amazed at how long she could hold her breath in search of food on the bottom of the pond.

We circled the other side of the pond and followed a narrow trail onto a large rock in the pond. Once on the rock we heard loud splashed right over the ledge. A big bull Moose appeared, circled the rock and stood right next the the narrow path we had just crossed. For the longest time he stood starring at our only path back to land. We pondered the wisdom of walking two feet in front a very large wild animal. Eventually we decided to go. First I went a little closer and asked, "do you mind if we walk in front of you" I wanted to make sure he knew we were there so that he would not be starled. Then without looking at him we walked in nonchalantly accross the path in front of him. Once in the woods I did have to pause and turn around to snap this picture. =)

The hike up South Turner Mountain was worth every step. I could sit all day and just stare at views like this.
Clouds just rolled by as we gazed at the mountains.
Eventually, we did have to head back down.

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