Sunday, June 28, 2009

Rain in a lean-to

Thursday, June 25th

Thursday morning we reserved a lean-to in Baxter State Park. We set up the wet tent inside the lean-to and hooked the dripping tarp to the top of the structure with the other end tied to the pick nick table with a bungie cored. Then we headed out to hike hoping everything would dry out by that evening.

In the morning we headed up the Little Niagara trail. The weather was perfect all day.
I could spend ages at this park, and never grow tired of it!
Canoe's were only a dollar an hour, so we spent some peaceful time gliding across one of the many lakes the park has to offer.After getting back to camp we took another trail nearby up to Katahdin Stream Falls. Rain fell as we started up the trail, but once in while the sun would stream through some of the trees on the the vibrant greens.

Even though it did rain most of the night it stopped by morning. We had a nice pancake breakfast at the picnic table, packed up our dry gear and headed to New Hampshire.

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