Sunday, June 15, 2008

SD Black Hills

Mickelson Trail
We loved the Mickelson Trail through the black hills of South Dakota. We only rode about 50 miles of the Mickelson trail, but thoroughly enjoyed it!

Wind Cave

At Wind cave we got in line and purchased tickets for one of the three main tour options through the cave. Then we noticed a "wild cave tour" An option of following a guide through a "unmaintained" portion of the cave. It warned that participants should be under a certain size, be in good physical condition, be ready to climb and get filthy. This sounded like fun! Luck for us there were two spots left that day. We returned our tickets then went back to the car to put old shirts long sleeved shirts on. No cameras, phones, keys etc allowed. We geared up with the required knee pads, gloves, flashlights, and helmets! It was a fun interesting way to see the cave.

Mammoth Site in Hot Springs:

Elephants are one of my favorites so a stop at the Mammoth archaeological dig was a must!

Scenic Drives
Two scenic corkscrew roads not to miss!
Iron Mountain: Each tunnel on this road had a nice view of the carvings on Mt. Rushmore

Needles Road: This road wound through some excellent rock formations.

Hells Canyon

Driving out of South Dakota in the evening we stopped by a scenic turnout. There we noticed a small single track. The sign said it was only 5mi. Why not, we quickly changed unloaded the bikes and headed out. Unfortunately we didn't complete the entire trail as darkness fell very quickly. By the time we got back to the car we were following the trail with flashlights. We also found our clothes covered with ticks!!! We took them off as quick as possible shook them out and tied them tight in a plastic bag to be washed later. After scanning for ticks on each other we got dressed and headed down the road. Thankfully this was a very remote trail and no one else was around! It was a fun pit stop.

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