Saturday, June 14, 2008

South Dakota

We traveled miles and miles across the flats of South Dakota. Billboards continually reminded us that we would soon be at Wall Drug where they offer free ice water, or that we would soon be near the world’s only corn palace! Then in the middle of this never ending plain we seen an announcement for a scenic overlook, we both looked at each other and laughed – its flat land as far as the eye could see – or so we thought! The landscape suddenly dropped before us revealing a beautiful valley – it was gorgeous!

In this valley we stopped at Casey’s noted as having the “Perfect burger” - according to Readers Digest. The burger was good, but the service was great. A lot of restaurants will charge you extra to split a meal, and only if you ask will they bring a separate plate. Here they cut the burger for us and brought the meal out on two plates without us even asking. It’s the little things that count. The waitress was very friendly! I enjoy good service and am at the point in my life where I will pay extra for it. I’m not rich, but I’m no longer so poor that I scrape ice off the bedroom wall in the winter either. When that was the case, I sometimes had to put up with poor service as the best price was an absolute must. Now that I’m comfortable, I won’t do business with business rude people. Life is too short to throw dollars at mean people. If possible I’m a customer to those who hire employees with people skills and pleasant personalities. They deserve a little extra and a good tip.

The best part of this road trip so far is just being free and enjoying this life with my husband. South Dakota, flat open country, big sky, green grass, open space, grazing cattle (which for some reason my husband and I have taken to the habit of making mooooing sounds each time we pass a heard). A comfortable car, long flat roads, and a thoughtful, kind, selfless man in the seat next to me, contentment and freedom!

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