Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Wyoming, Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons!

The first night we took a short easy ride through Antelope flats. A heard of Bison were grazing next to the road, one was rolling around in the dirt. They lazily watched as we road next to them. After they were out of site Trin and I dared each other to sprint back to the car at the speed of a Bison. LOL, we barely reached the 35mph, but didn't keep it up for long.

We spent the next day on the RKO trail. It is an old gravel road that cuts between the Tetons and Snake River - breathtaking views! We didn't see another soul the entire ride!

Grassy Lake Road:
The following day we headed out onto Grassy Lake Road, an old Indian trail between the Tetons and Yellowstone Natl Park. We saw a number of bear tracks, but no bear sightings. We met two other riders who were ridding the Great Divide. The started at the Mexican border and were headed to Canada.

The further we progressed the more snow we were encountering. We ended up turning around due to the amount of snow still remaining. We felt like wimps until we saw that the Great Divide riders turned around as well. We felt much better. If they couldn't make it! Of course we later saw them doing an elevation climb in Yellowstone, OK, we are still wimps. Riders like that keep the bar high, always more to achieve.

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