Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We eat Spam, not dog

Day 2:
Saturday morning after loading up the bikes again we hung our laundry from the bungee cords that were securing our tent and sleeping bag hoping they would air dry during the day. Unfortunately they did come out a little musty smelling from the bit of rain Friday night, but at least they didn’t smell like skunk! We continued up the New York side of Lake Champlain crossing the Rt 2 bridge over to Vermont just before the Canadian border. Saturday evening we stayed at Goose Point Camp ground. I was concerned when we pedaled in as all the tents in the camp ground seemed to be very close together. When we got to our lot we found it might not be that bad. There was a nice weeping willows overhead that hopefully would shield our laundry that evening from the dew.

We stopped at the store to see what we could get for dinner. The woman running the store had a group of visitor sitting around at the entrance making it very difficult to get to the actual isles and their kids were running all over screaming – not just making noise, but actually coming close to splitting the ear drums. When we found a few items we had to interrupt to purchase them. If there were any other stores in the vicinity they would not have gotten our business.

With no stove (we had decided to keep our load as light as possible,) we ended up with spam, after getting frustrated with the peal back lid doubling as a spoon we decided to use our fingers. With the close quarters we could hear the entire conversation of our neighbors that seemingly recently came out of a box. One of the kids had been reading a book during their time at this camp and was amazed at things she was finding out. The statements like “did you know Filipinos eat dogs?!” kept intruding our slumber. Trin of course was raised in the Philippines, and he has never eaten dog.


Kirk said...

Spam is awesome.
Spam is the new steak.

Hi Trinity and Bonnie, I enjoyed your pictures.

Tina Stephens said...

Didn't I ask Trin once, when I first met him, if they ate dog in the Philippines?

Bonnie said...

LOL, Trin doesn't remember you asking him that. Some do eat dog - like when we were poor and had road kill!