Thursday, June 19, 2008

What is a Blog

So I just finished reading my husbands blog "Bike Rides and Meanderings" He has such a way with words, a way of describing things so that the reader is actually there and can join his bike ride. My blog, well if you can even call it blogging, turns out to be a list of facts. A list of facts that my kind sister reads, right now she is my faithful audience, lol.

It is a warm night tonight, our windows are open and a number of small gnats have managed to find their way in. As I slap at another I muse out loud, "why are bugs drawn to light anyway?" Without missing a beat my husband responds, "because they are descendants of Icarus." See how does he come up with these things! I lists facts and wonder at the mundane. He looks around and easily reflects a picture of words, overlooks the ordinary and makes it interesting.

It seems I can think of so many things to say while riding my two wheels, maybe its just too late and I should call it a night. Tomorrow I shall try again!

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Tina Stephens said...

Your inspired on the bike. I always feel inspired while I am listening to a sermon in church-which can be a detriment to actually listening. When I get home, I get back into life and forget my inspiring words.